Caitlin Rissler


Our Team

Our team consists of Caitlin Rissler (owner and nurse practitioner), Ankith Donthi (nurse practitioner), and Willa White (clinic coordinator). Caitlin sees clients by appointment on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday between 8:30am-5pm and works on client care items and practice operations on Mondays and Fridays. Ankith sees clients by appointment on Mondays and Fridays as well as 5:30pm or later on Tuesday-Thursday. Both providers offer telemedicine appointments and in person appointments, depending on day and time. Willa handles our new client scheduling process, paperwork, most phone messages, collecting payments the following business day, and more!

Read below to learn more about our team!

About Caitlin

Caitlin is a Nashville native and is honored to serve the greater Nashville area through her pediatric practice. She is a mother of 3, a coffee connoisseur (just kidding – ANY coffee will do!), Preds fan (It’s all your fault!), Vandy fan (Anchor Down!). She enjoys the outdoors, especially in the fall, hiking and jogging. Highlights at Music City Peds have included building relationships with clients, hosting Summer Jam Sessions and camps in the summer, winning the March Madness championship belt in 2019, and pranking her colleagues.

Caitlin is a developmental-behavioral nurse practitioner who specializes in caring for children and adolescents with developmental, learning, behavioral, or mental health concerns.

Her expertise stemmed from a passion for autism spectrum disorders and evolved, through education and experience, to encompass other diagnoses such as ADHD, anxiety, sensory processing disorder, and many others. She also possesses the unique ability to piece together symptoms that do not fit into a clear-cut diagnostic category, and she addresses the complexities of the individual rather than isolated concerns.

She understands the importance of creating personalized treatment plans and values collaboration with parents, schools, and other providers involved in the client’s care.

Caitlin’s clinical style is personable, empathetic, direct, and thorough.

Ankith Donthi, NP


After his undergraduate studies at UNC-Chapel Hill, Ankith received his Masters of Physiology and Biophysics at Georgetown University. He taught special education for high school and preschool for a year in Nashville which fueled his passion for working with kids and teens with developmental-behavioral-mental health needs. Ankith earned his Masters in Nursing from Vanderbilt where he also completed the Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities (LEND) program. He trained at both the Center for Child Development at Vanderbilt and the Meharry Medical College developmental clinic.

About Ankith

Ankith is originally from NC but has been in and out of Nashville since 2016. He loves traveling and exploring new vegetarian cuisines with his wife and Hungarian Shepherd, Hero. He enjoys hiking and biking, barista-ing (yay!), reading sci-fi or fantasy fiction, and cheering on UNC basketball. His guilty pleasure is grabbing Indian take-out on his way home from every road trip!

Fun Fact: Ankith summited Mt. Fuji in Japan!

Ankith is a developmental-behavioral pediatric nurse practitioner who is dedicated to addressing the unique needs of clients with developmental or intellectual disabilities, autism spectrum disorders, and challenges in mood, behavior, learning, or social skills.

His services include diagnostic assessments, medication management, treatment planning, and education. He uses a caring and collaborative approach, including parents and children in the decision-making process. 

Ankith’s clinical style values patient-centered and evidence-based care, and he is driven to provide culturally-sensitive, LGBTQ-inclusive, empathetic, and holistic care. 

Willa White

Willa White is our invaluable clinic coordinator who works diligently on both clinical and administrative tasks to ensure that our clinic responds efficiently to client requests and provides exceptional care. Her efficiency, commitment to following through with tasks, organization, direct communication, consistency with implementation of policies, and genuine concern for clients’ needs are just some of her strengths that benefit our practice. Even though Willa works part-time, she checks and responds to messages each weekday and demonstrates incredible productivity with the time she dedicates to our practice. We are very appreciative of all she does for Music City Peds!