Welcome to Music City Peds!

We look forward to meeting you and working together. Our goal is to provide exceptionally compassionate and evidence-based care. Please review important information on our website regarding our services, policies, and what to expect in terms of corresponding with our team going forward.

To learn more about our practice and to schedule your appointment, please call the office at 615-749-6252, and our clinic coordinator will get back to you within 2 business days with information about next steps. Our clinic coordinator will outline what needs to be submitted before or at your appointment. The below paperwork and questionnaires are provided here for reference. Let us know if you have any questions. Thank you.

Assessment Questionnaires: (fill out what is relevant for you or your child)

1) NICHQ Vanderbilt Assessment Scale – Parent Informant – to be filled out by each parent for ADHD evaluation

NICHQ Vanderbilt Assessment Scale – Teacher Informant  – must be filled out by teacher(s) for ADHD evaluation

3) PHQ9 Depression Questionnaire – to be filled out by clients age 12+ if concerns of depressed mood

4) SCARED Anxiety Questionnaire – Parent Version

5) SCARED Anxiety Questionnaire – Child/Teen Version

Additional Information:

Please bring copies of the following documents (if applicable) or any other items you find relevant to promote the most efficient and thorough evaluation:

• Psychological or psycho-educational testing reports

• School 504 plans, IEPs, report cards, progress notes, agenda notebooks, behavior intervention plans

• Standardized screening tools (parent and teacher) included in your intake packet

• Progress notes from therapists or counselors

• Early intervention evaluation reports

• Medical records from former specialists